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Verhagen IT Group offers several possibilities when it comes to Service Level Agreements contracts (SLA’s). SLA contracts are an extension to our Monitoring systems. Our support employees are well-educated and driven professionals. Our support team is ready to solve any IT problem, request and change 24-7. Support request can be made by phone, e-mail and WhatsApp. Our support team at the Network Operations Centre (NOC) monitors all systems 24-7, so in case an issue or problem occurs, Support fixes it right away, oftentimes before you even notice it.

Our support team works with a ticket system. Every problem and/or request is registered and documented. All tickets are assigned a level of urgency, by which we can determine the impact of an issue and solve it according to its urgency. In a Service level Agreement (SLA) urgency levels of service are defined. Our monthly reports contain information about uptime of the service provided, data usage, open and solved issues.

For more information about our support, you can contact us through our contact form.

For online assistance, we can assist you with the help of the TeamViewer App.