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Internet Access

Internet Access

Satellite coverage
Verhagen IT group is reseller of Telenor satellite communication for Inmarsat, Iridium and VSAT. Besides the coverage contracts we supply, install and maintain hardware which is required for these connections all around the world.

VIG operates today a global network composed of 2 teleports prepared for large VSAT networks which require high availability. These teleports are located in Nittedal (NO) and Washington (US). From these teleports VIG is able to offer worldwide coverage in Ku band, Ka band as well as C band and has access to main satellite operator’s fleet. Furthermore, these teleports are interconnected with the VIG network and serve as regional “Point of Presence” (POP) ready to be connected to client´s corporate networks with leased lines or terrestrial backbones.

Available VSAT solutions range from low speed shared connections to high speed dedicated single vessel and everything in between.

We can also offer fleet wide airtime coverage solutions. These are consisting of a VSAT and Fleetbroadband connections. Ensuring a maximum uptime and airtime coverage.

Verhagen IT Group is able to provide service contracts for monitoring, support and maintenance for both the coverage subscriptions and required hardware on board the vessels.

European sim card
Our European sim cards use a technology which originally was developed to enable machines to directly communicate with each other via the internet. This technology has endured a powerful growth the last years and has become a full-grown product. Nowadays is this technology also used to have limitless internet access on board of vessels.

Our European sim cards connect by the 3G&4G network. The faster 4G network is in the biggest part of Europe available. And on most places where it isn’t gets worked hard to make it available.

The European sim cards are mainly very interesting for our clients which travel allot on the international European rivers.

European sim cards offer you the following advantages:

  • Sim card works in every European country
  • 4G coverage in almost every European country
  • High internet speeds in comparison to satellite solutions
  • One point of contact
  • One contract